• 24/7 Response
  • Armed Chauffer
  • Bodyguard Services
  • Event Security
  • Loss Prevention
  • Night Shift Security
  • Roving Patrol
  • Site Security

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Why join Guards On Call?

Guards On Call was created by a team of experts in online marketing with over 15 years of experience marketing security and firearms professionals online.

Here are some of the key benefits all members receive:

We Optimize Listings For Google.

Our in-house SEO specialist is working hard to bring Guards On Call to the top of search results. That means more exposure for YOUR listing, as well as your website if you link to it!

Additionally, listings on the Marketing Pro plan can have their listing text edited and optimized by our SEO specialist at no additional cost.

We Don’t Gatekeep.

We put your contact info directly on your listing instead of routing potential clients through our system so that you have to pay for every lead you get. Our flat rate saves you BIG.

We Make Your Online Presence Look Professional.

Take advantage of our branding expertise, whether or not you have your own website. Our website is designed specifically for your industry, with an emphasis on lead generation.

Guards On Call listings are designed to show off your skills and expertise, while making it easy for prospective clients to get in touch with you.

We Network and Advertise.

Our mission is to bring you as much business as possible, and that includes advertising to relevant parties in addition to our organic SEO and grassroots networking.